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Public Domain - The Future

Public domain is the highest level you can reach intellectually as a creative. Why is that? Firstly, because you give something back without making demands, and secondly, because this is very difficult for most people. The problem is that most people do not reach the spiritual maturity that allows them to see their own error. They often trot after some populist and short-sighted views, which will soon go down in the coming decades as embarrassments of human history. These absurd repetitions of insanity, can be examined in the historiography to hundreds.

It is important to look at the big picture with a broad view, and not man-made constructs, that are the result of tunnel thinking and the usual ego trips of the brain, like the GPL license. If you agree to this GPL prison, one loses not only control over one's own software, but complete freedom, and often find yourself confronted with fanatical egomaniacs, who, to make matters worse, behave in an antisocial manner.

Software released as public domain can be used freely without having to spend thought and energy for the stupid games of some fanatic people. With public domain software everyone can give free rein to his creativity and concentrate only on that.

Some software developers have already made the effort and reinvented the wheel by developing new software libraries that were previously licensed under the GPL, and then released them as public domain. These are recognized here for their exemplary behavior. This is also the goal of this site, to collect all the "real" free software and make it available to everyone, so that the fools who think they are the navel of the world can be bypassed.

A big thank you to all who continue to stand up for "Public Domain" and true creative freedom.

That "open source" and thus "non-free" software and the GPL jail are a big problem has also been recognized by some others, and therefore created numerous "public domain" licenses in the last few years:


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