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The Online Gaming Network Experience for 8 Bit Computers

BETA Test will start 30. April 2023

"... this Universe could change Your Life."

- FAQs -

•  When did the work on the UNIVERSE 64 start?
This has been planned and worked on since 2018.
•  Can I create/host my own Game/Planet?
Yes. Each Planet represents a Server on the Internet and all of them are connected to UNIVERSE 64. So, you can host a Server, and then you have a Planet. Within the Planet, games can be created and integrated into the Planet, so that a Planet represents a huge Game World, with its own unique experiences. Players can move around the UNIVERSE 64 and travel from Planet to Planet.
•  On which systems the new UNIVERSE 64 will be available at the start?
Some very popular Systems, but it is not yet clear which systems will work until the launch
• Will other systems follow?
Maybe, I can imagine to integrate the Atari XL 800, one of the Spectrums and maybe an Apple Computer. An MSX system also appeals to me :-)
• Do I need new Hardware?
There will probably be two options, one is a new PCB as a completely new "UNIVERSE 64" computer to build (for each system a separate board), and the other is a plug-in board that can be "plugged" into the existing 8-bit computer (not a module, but a board that plugs into existing chip sockets).
• Where can I get new (old) Chips for the UNIVERSE 64 Computer Boards?
You can get them from the UNI64 Website. I create the chips myself. At this time I've done a 6581/8580 SID Replica chip called "uSID64". My CPU 6510/8500 Replica "u6510+64" will be available soon (85% done). The next Replica will be the VIC-II chip "uVIC-II+64", and then the MMU. The CIA 6526 chip will follow also, but it is not needed for the UNIVERSE 64 computer, so it is not so important. In the pipeline is also a Z80 Replica chip.

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